10 Totally Free Ways to Get Free Baby Formula Samples

Baby formula can put a burden on your monthly budget but there are a number of ways to lower your expenses on baby formula by getting FREE baby formula samples to feed your baby. You can get small samples and you can also get full sized cans as free samples.
Here you will find information on how to get totally free baby formula samples from different sources. But you will have to make tiny efforts like making a phone call, sending an email or searching for any coupons and you will be able to get baby formula totally free. 

Free Baby Formula Samples from Manufacturers

  1. Similac :- Join Similac StrongMoms Rewards program to get free baby formula samples. They’ll send you a bag containing free baby stuff including baby formula samples.
  2. Enfamil: –If you enter yourself into Enfamil family beginnings program, you’ll be eligible for getting gifts worth $400. Here you will get free samples of Enfamil newborn infant formula, Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Formula and other such stuff.
  3. Gerber: – You can get free baby formula samples from Gerber as well by registering on their website. They not only send free formula samples but also give parenting tips and advice.
  4. NaturesOne: – You can also get baby formula samples from this website but you’ll have to pay for the shipping. For this, go to the product page you want as free sample, and then click on “Add Free Sample” button. Then you may have to do a quick survey but it is very easy and quick.

Free Baby Formula Samples from Certain Organisations

  1. WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program: –   WIC is a government program which helps low-income women and provides them with foods and other free baby stuff. Here you can also get free baby formula supply regularly and other necessary products required for the mom and her baby. But for this you must meet the eligibility criteria. 
  2. Local Food Banks: –  You might also get free baby formula from your local food banks. Many of them have stocks of baby care items like free baby diapers and formula etc. But you must confirm if they provide free baby formula by calling them before you visit them.

Other Ways

  1. Doctors and Hospitals: – You can ask your doctor or any local hospital for free baby formula samples.  Doctors get free formula samples from formula companies which they are supposed to give you. Moreover hospitals also have free baby formula which they provide to new moms.  All you have to do is just ask for it.
  2. EverydayFamily: –  This website is for parents only. Be it advice, tips related to parenting or free baby stuff, you can find everything related to parenting here. They keep partnering with top baby brands to provide free samples, coupons and other parenting stuff to parents. Make sure to register here to receive free baby stuff including baby formula.
  3. Coupons and Online Surveys: –  You can find coupons in local newspapers and then use those coupons to buy baby formula almost free of cost. Moreover, there is another way by which you can get baby formula and you don’t have to pay anything from your pocket. In this method, you can earn money on Swagbucks app by doing simple tasks like taking part in a simple and quick online survey, watching a video etc. Here you will get free gift cards from popular retails stores also. You can use this money and gift cards to get baby formula for your baby.
  4. Create Amazon Baby Registry: –  Creating a baby registry on Amazon can also get you free baby formula. Here you’ll get a welcome box containing free baby stuff. Although welcome box items can vary but you might free baby stuff like baby bottles, diapers and baby formula. Moreover they give 15% discount to prime members to complete the registry.

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