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Free-Baby-Stuff.comaims to help you save money on baby items and other household stuff.  I search the web to find best free items,sweepstakes and coupons. I only post genuine stuff and not scam offers heresince it is a question of trust. Since some money is spent in running thiswebsite, hence some links (but not all) are affiliate links that might give mesmall commission.

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliatelink is a link having a tracking code in it. Whenever someone clicks on a link,goes to a particular website and buys something, I will get a small commissionranging from $0.5 to $1.5 . This small amount helps in covering the expenses ofrunning this website.

But I amvery careful and honest about this. I only post those offers which are genuineand real and are not scam. I also post those offers which do not contain anyaffiliate link because I truly believe in helping the visitors of this website.There are many links on this website which do not earn me any money since thoseare not affiliate links.

This websiteis written and edited by me. For any question related to this website, you cancontact me via the contact page form.

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